Theme Wedding Planner

The decoration should be stylish like flowers, colors, fabrics, lighting, themes etc. We believe in integrate such Traditional ingredient with Modern Elements to make it more stylish & dignified.

Stages Decoration

Wedding stage decoration may contain numerous elements such as traditional flowers, oriental flowers, standees and props, curtains, drapes, crystals, decorative stones and mirrors and other soft decorative elements. Each wedding stage is customized for different couples and their tastes and opinions are incorporated in the design. Based on budget and colour preferences, the wedding stage decoration will be customized.

With due care given to lighting, movement and flow, the designing team creates 3-D models of the entire wedding venue. 3-D modeled stages are the rough outputs of how a wedding stage would look on the wedding day.

Here is a look at some of the wedding stages designed and conceptualized by our in-house wedding stage designers

  • Diamond Jaimala theme
  • Lotus Theme
  • Karlie manouge theme
  • Led Split Theme
  • Lotus Theme
  • Led Flying Drummer
  • 3D Mapping Theme

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