Wedding Planners

Wedding is a fusion of two souls, union of two hearts & countless dreams. It is the ritual of a lifetime that provides the platform for people, communities and religions to come together, commemorate and bless the Bride and the Groom to tie the knots and entrust themselves to eternal bonding. Wedding planners in Delhi “ARP Event Services” offer an insight into the tactical wedding planning and management, the tools necessary for planning and executing a memorable wedding.

A Wedding is a special moment treasured for eternity. We are here to make your wedding dream come true just the way you have imagined and more. We organize your wedding events and assist you in creating an unforgettable beginning of your journey together.

We organize and help you with: Pre Wedding | Post Wedding | Set up & Décor | Catering | Entertainment | Choreography | Photography | Cinematography | Invites | Venues | Hotels | Guest Management | Hospitality | Shopping | Gifts… and everything that you may require for the ceremony.

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